Тестируем свои знания глаголов на английском языке

Apple and orange

1. I _________ suddenly


2. He _________ a very interesting book yesterday


3. He _________ it near the computer an hour ago


4. He _________ sick


5. She _________ her finger


6. I _________ two mistakes in the test


7. He _________ a lot of money


Question 1 of 7


1. In the summer we will go to the sea.
2. Lessons will begin in September.
3. In the winter we will go skiing.
4. I love spring.
5. In July I will not work.
6. She has a birthday in September.
7. This winter we will go to England.
8. She will come to us in April.
9. We will work all of February.
10. We will come to you in May.
С. 106. Упражнение на перевод
1. Когда вы начали говорить по-анг